Down the River Path: Seasons - What we offer

Drama, storytelling and seasons.  

We have teamed up with Candle Jar to offer four days of activities spread across the academic year 2016 / 17, to coincide with the seasonal changes.  

After touring Howsham Mill with Helen Minnikin-Spring (our education officer - also an experienced primary school teacher) to learn about the KS1 science behind the seasons, the children will workshop with Candle Jar to narrate and creatively develop a story using characters from mythical legends.  The children will be set activities to make choices about the decisions that characters make to protect and ready the surrounding forests for the approaching seasonal changes.  

The pupils will then see their story come to life, as they are guided through the forest trail, by the river and through the Mill, meeting real-life versions of the characters along the way.  

Candle Jar is a non-profit organisation, and relies on funding from UnLtd and sponsorshop.  In order to make this project happen, schools will need to pay £4 per child per day (class size 15-30).  This is to cover the expenses of the company only.  

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